Do artisan keycaps’color fade? The Guide to Keycap Durability

Artisan keycaps have brought a whole lot of surprises to the mechanical keyboard game. They’re like tiny pieces of art for your keyboard, letting you show off your style. But here’s the point: some folks wonder if these cool artisan keycaps fade over time.

Reveal the reasons and secrets

Let’s analyze it and get the secrets on keycap durability.

What They’re Made of

How long your artisan keycaps stay looking good depends a lot on what they’re made of. These keycaps come in all sorts of materials, like resin, plastic, metal, and even wood.

And guess what? The material matters when it comes to how well it stands up to fading.

Resin and plastic keycaps

Resin and plastic keycaps are pretty common and easy to customize. The trouble is, they’re more likely to fade than other materials.

Over time, things like UV light and the environment can zap the color and vibrancy from these keycaps.

Metal keycaps

Metal keycaps, usually made from aluminum or brass, are champs at resisting fading. These keycaps are less likely to lose their color or shine as time goes on. Although they might develop a bit of a patina, some folks dig that aged look.

Protective Coatings

Lots of artisans slap on protective coatings to give keycaps extra durability. These coatings can help resist fading from UV rays and everyday use.

But, just so you know, the effectiveness can vary depending on how it’s done.

How You Use Them

Believe it or not, how much you use your artisan keycaps can affect how they fade. Keycaps that get mashed and rubbed all the time are more likely to show wear and tear, including fading. Those that are mostly for show or just see light use tend to stay fresher.

TLC and Maintenance

If you want to keep your artisan keycaps looking clean, a little TLC goes a long way. Regularly wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth, and keep them out of direct sunlight. Stash ’em in a keyboard cover when they’re not in action to shield ’em from dust and grime.

Artisan Styles Vary

Remember, different artisans have their own ways of doing things, and that can affect durability. It’s a good idea to do a little research and pick keycaps from artisans known for quality and long-lasting style.

Beauty in Aging

For some folks, the gradual fading or color changes in artisan keycaps aren’t a bad thing at all. Some even dig the unique patina that develops over time, seeing it as part of the keycap’s charm.


To wrap it up, whether artisan keycaps fade or not depends on materials, coatings, how you use them, and how much care you give them.

While some fading might happen, it’s often part of the keycap’s journey and adds to its character. So, pick the ones that match your vibe and embrace the beauty of aging!