Fix a worn-out dog snuffle rug

Dog snuffle rugs are awesome for keeping our furry buddies busy, but all that sniffing and pawing can take a toll on these playtime champs. If your dog’s favorite rug is looking worse for wear, don’t fret; you can patch it up yourself.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do some DIY repair work on your dog snuffle rug to keep the good times rolling.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, grab these items:

Needle and Thread

Choose thread that matches your rug’s color.


Sharp ones will do the trick for trimming.

Fabric glu+e

Make sure it’s pet-safe and non-toxic.

Extra Fabric (Optional)

If things are really torn up, a small piece of matching fabric can help patch things up.

Step-by-Step Fix-Up

Here are the steps to fixing your dog’s snuffle rug.

Step 1: Size Up the Damage

Take a good look at your rug. Figure out where the rips, frays, or loose bits are hanging out.

Step 2: Snip away loose ends

Grab those scissors and trim off any loose threads or frayed edges. This will keep things tidy and prevent them from getting worse.

Step 3: Small Tears and Holes

For little holes, you can sew them up. Thread your needle with matching thread and stitch it up with a basic running stitch or whip stitch. Make sure the stitches are close together to hold it all together.

Step 4: Big Tears and Serious Damage

If things look really rough, it’s patching time. Cut out a piece of fabric that matches your rug and is a smidge bigger than the damage.

Slather fabric glue around the edges of the patch and press it down really well onto the damaged spot. Let it dry as long as the glue’s instructions say.

Step 5: Strengthen the back

Flip the rug over and apply more fabric glue to the back of the patched-up area. This gives extra support and makes the repair even sturdier.

Step 6: Wait for it

Let the whole thing dry completely. This is key to making sure the glue sets right and your stitches hold up.

Step 7: Test Drive

Once it’s dry, let your dog have at it. Make sure the repair is holding up and there aren’t any loose threads or sharp stuff.

Step 8: Stop the Next Oops

To keep your snuffle rug going strong and avoid more damage, here are some tips:

Keep an eye on playtime to make sure things don’t get too wild.

Give the rug a regular cleaning to shake off dirt and junk that can wear it down.

Switch up where you put the rug to spread out the wear and tear.

Keep the rug in a special play spot to avoid accidental damage in high-traffic areas.


Fixing up a dog snuffle rug is no biggie, and it’ll keep the fun times going for your four-legged pal. Just follow these steps and take a few extra precautions, and your snuffle rug will be your dog’s favorite plaything for a long time to come.