Making Cool Dog Chase Toys from Old Socks

Got some old socks hanging around with no purpose? Well, here’s a brilliant idea: turn them into super fun dog chase toys! In this guide, we’ll show you the easy-peasy way to create exciting dog chase toys using those old socks. It’s not just wallet-friendly; it’s also a fantastic bonding activity with your furry buddy.

Materials You’ll Need

Let’s keep it simple. Grab these things:

Old socks (clean ones, without holes)


Tennis balls or squeaky toys (optional)

Strong thread and a needle

Treats (for a tasty twist)

Simple Steps

Follow these straightforward steps to make your old socks awesome dog chase toys:

Pick Your Socks

Choose a pair of old socks that aren’t in your regular rotation but are still in decent shape. Just make sure they’re clean and hole-free.

Stuff them

Grab one sock and stuff it with one or two tennis balls, or throw in a squeaky toy if you’ve got one. Ensure they’re snug inside and won’t fall out easily.

Knot It Up

Tie a tight knot at the open end of the sock to keep the stuff inside. Give it an extra knot or two if you want to be extra sure it won’t unravel during playtime.

Get Twisting

Take another sock and cut it into long strips, leaving the toe part intact. Now, either braid those strips together or twist them into a cool rope.

Join the fun

Attach the braided or twisted sock to the knot on the stuffed sock using strong thread and a needle. This creates a handle for both you and your pup to grip while playing.

Sneak in some treats (optional)

Here’s a nifty trick: hide a few treats inside the braided sock section before attaching it to the stuffed sock. It’s like a treasure hunt for your dog!

Decorate (If You Feel Like It)

Want to get artsy? Go for it! Use fabric paint or markers to jazz up your sock toy. Add your dog’s name or fun patterns to make it one-of-a-kind.

Time to Play

Now, let the games begin! Introduce your sock toy to your dog, and watch the excitement unfold. The crinkly tennis balls or squeaker, along with those tempting treats, will keep your pup entertained for ages.

Safety Tips

Keep an eye on your dog during play to make sure they don’t munch on any sock bits.

Check the toy regularly for wear and tear, and replace it if it gets too worn out.


Transforming old socks into thrilling dog chase toys isn’t just planet-friendly; it’s also a blast for both you and your furry friend. Your dog will adore the interactive play, and you’ll love the joy of creating something special.

So, raid your sock stash, get crafting, and get ready for some epic chasing, tugging, and playing with your homemade sock dog chase toy!